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TubeSpanner Feature Focus: Introducing Comment Magic

Feb 29, 2024

The Importance of Engaging with your YouTube Audience

Did you know that YouTube doesn’t actually evaluate the content of your videos? YouTube cares about viewers. When deciding the value of a video, YouTube will look at things like:



As this blog is about our Comment Magic feature, we’re going to consider the importance of engagement, and how TubeSpanner can help you engage with your audience.


The YouTube algorithm prioritises content that has good engagement. This includes likes and dislikes, shares and comments. 


A Guide to YouTube Comments


Does Responding to YouTube comments help with engagement?


Engaging with comments and responding is an important part of being a YouTuber. Not just from an engagement perspective, but for community building too. Getting comments on your video helps signal to YouTube that your content is engaging and useful. Which then means it’s more likely to be recommended to others.


Getting comment engagement is hard at first. But you usually find, once they come, more follow! 


But what happens when you get a lot of comments, or if you don’t have time to reply? That’s where Comment Magic comes in!


What is comment magic?

Comment magic uses our AI technology to analyse your comments and will generate responses for you to use. You can edit them, ask it to generate another response or send them as they are, saving you so much time! 

How Does comment Magic work?


You will see all your latest comments and you can respond as you go. You can also build up your own custom replies to use - perfect if you keep getting the same questions! 


All you need to do then is click reply and your comment will be posted. It’s as simple as that. 


This feature is currently only available on our Plus, Max and Enterprise subscription plans, so you’ll need to upgrade if you want to use it. 


Benefits of Using Comment Magic:


  • It saves you time!


Everything is in one place. You can see all your latest comments that haven’t been responded to and get them done as you go. You can moderate, delete and review everything without leaving TubeSpanner.  


  • It helps boost engagement


It helps you increase interaction and build a rapport with your audience. 


  • It helps you gather data


You can track things over time to help you improve your strategy. Including things like which videos got the most comments. This way you can see what worked and use it for future videos!


How to Use TubeSpanner to Grow your YouTube Channel


Struggling to come up with replies or trying to keep track of everything? Use Comment Magic. Why not give TubeSpanner a try today! Take a look at our subscription plans and see which one is best for your needs!