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TubeSpanner Feature Focus: Thumbnail Editor

Apr 25, 2024
Tubespanner thumbnail editor tool

Stand out From the Crowd with the Perfect YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnails are the yin to the video title’s yang, the tea to their biscuit. The point we’re trying to make? They work in tandem with each other, they are a dynamic duo, the ultimate team.


A great thumbnail and video title will entice, inform and educate. They help viewers figure out what a video is all about.


But today we’re talking thumbnails! More specifically, our thumbnail editor and how it works. Ready to dive in?


What is TubeSpanner's Thumbnail Editor?

Our thumbnail editor is there to help you create the perfect thumbnail. In fact, we have an editor as well as a gallery!


Our thumbnail editor is similar to editing platforms such as Photoshop. It doesn’t have as many features, but you’re able to create and edit thumbnails using our tool. 


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TubeSpanner's Thumbnail Gallery

Here you’ll find multiple templates for different platforms. There are several niches to choose from which is ideal if you’re not sure where to start!


You can choose any of the templates and edit them to your liking. All you need to do is select one you like. This will automatically take you to our thumbnail editor.

How Does it Work?

Using the thumbnail editor is fairly intuitive. You can add text, images and other assets to create a new video thumbnail for your channel.


You use it as you would with many other editing tools, it’s quite simple once you’ve used it a few times, especially if you use a template. You can even add additional assets by choosing your own or picking one from our user image library.


In the user image library, you’ll find backgrounds, emojis, shapes, banners, icons and more. 

Why use TubeSpanner's Thumbnail Editor?


Wondering why you should use our thumbnail editor? 


  • To save money - no need to spend out on additional editing software or programs.
  • See how they look - use our browser extension to see how your thumbnail will look in search results.
  • Save time - using templates can simplify the process, saving you time to focus on other aspects of content creation!

Many of the templates are free to use, but you will be limited by membership. If you have a free account, you’ll have fewer choices. 


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Tips for Creating Great YouTube Video Thumbnails


We’ve created our fair share of thumbnails over the years so here are our top tips for creating thumbnails that get clicks:


  • Keep it simple - don’t try to include too much in one go.
  • Use clear font - don’t get too fancy, make sure it’s readable.
  • A/B test - use YouTube’s Test and Compare tool to try different thumbnails to see which performs better (this was rolled out in 2023 and should be available to everyone by the end of 2024.
  • Use our Browser extension to see how a thumbnail looks before you publish.
  • Evolve as you grow - don’t be scared to try new things to find what works for you. 


Not signed up for TubeSpanner yet? Why not sign up for free and start creating thumbnails today!