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Guide to YouTube Subscribers

Feb 4, 2022
Guide to YouTube Subscribers

Subscribers are a key part of your channels success. They represent repeat viewers and will propel your channel to the next level.

The key is to build a subscriber base and keep it moving in a forward direction. It can be a key indicator in allowing you to monitor the health of your channel, allowing you to keep your content on point and relevant to why people subscribed to you in the first place.

There are various different ways you can increase your subscriber base:

•    Use playlists
•    Use cards at the end of your videos
•    Use “Call to Actions”
•    Create an eye-catching thumbnail
•    Use accurate and bold thumbnails
•    Reply to comments
•    Embed your videos in blog posts
•    Share on social media
•    Write a good channel description
•    Interact with subscribers

At Tube Spanner, we recommend this ratio:

•    Less than 800 subscribers in the first year is poor
•    800 - 1400 subscribers in the first year is good
•    1400+ subscribers in the first year is Excellent
•    Channel subscribers should grow by 10% per month after the first year