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Take the guesswork out of content creation and distribution

TubeSpanner is made by creators, for creators

Save time with faster chapter creation

Adding chapters is an important way to optimise your videos.

By using TubeSpanner's integrated Chapters tool within the Notes feature, you can zip through your content, add chapter notes as you go, and then, with just a few clicks, add the chapters to your video.

Track sales and make more money with built in micro sites

It's never been easier to monetise your content and add microsites for everything you create

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways creators make money online; however, tracking sales can be challenging and some of the most lucrative affiliate deals don't always have a mechanism to track your leads.

TubeSpanner makes this easy!

With TubeSpanner, in just a few clicks, you can create microsites for everything you want to promote. We even include compliance tools like double opt-in and ebook rewards.

More sales, easier and quicker? That's just one feature of TubeSpanner.

Connect your audience from all of your social accounts

Make personal profile pages allowing you to share all your social media links in one place.

Connecting with your audience is essential to growing a channel, and making it easy for your audience to discover your content is a vital part of that process.

TubeSpanner's social and bio pages make this easy and fast. In just a few clicks, you can add all your social accounts to one page, style it, and even add dynamic links which update automatically with your latest content.

It takes sharing your social media links to a whole new level.

Easy audience growth? That's just one feature of TubeSpanner.

Schedule your content for maximum growth

TubeSpanner's social media scheduler gets your message out on time, and helps you stay consistent.

Engaging with your audience on multiple platforms is a proven way to grow your influence. Audiences respond well to consistent content updates, though it's not always easy to maintain a schedule.

TubeSpanner's social media tools make this easy.

Plan your campaign weeks and even months ahead, and let TubeSpanner post to your network at the times you schedule. You can even set it to automatically post from a pool of your content, your latest videos or even use dynamically generated content from the A.I.

Share your latest videos everywhere, in a few clicks.

Announcing your latest videos to your audience is a proven way to drive more views and boost your growth.

Announcing your latest videos to your audience is a proven way to drive more views and boost your growth.

The old way of copying and pasting your videos to various sites is time-consuming and error-prone. With the TubeSpanner browser extension, creators can post their videos to all their connected social accounts, automatically formatted for each network, in just a few clicks.

Easy, instant or scheduled sharing of your videos to your entire social network? That's just one feature of TubeSpanner.

Remove yourself or your subject from any background

Quickly add your pictures to your thumbnails

Most people find background removal to be a chore and tricky to get right. The TubeSpanner background removal tool makes this a one-click step in our thumbnail editor.

Make unique thumbnails from scratch or use our templates

Make your thumbnail more quickly than ever with the TubeSpanner thumbnail tool.

TubeSpanner's thumbnail editor and creator helps you create thumbnails more quickly than ever, and then insert them straight into your videos. We even have a range of templates for thumbnails, banners, social posts etc. which are accessible with just a click.

Quickly add chapters to your YouTube videos

Improve your audience experience by taking the grind out of creating chapters.

Creating chapters can be a chore with long videos. Using TubeSpanner's notes tool allows you to export your notes as a formatted chapter list, ready to be inserted into your video. It's never been easier to add chapters to your content.

Take the chore out of writing descriptions for your content

To fully optimise your videos, you need to add a good description. TubeSpanner makes it easy!

TubeSpanner's AI can generate entire video descriptions, paragraphs, or single entries. It even makes dynamic suggestions for 'Watch next' and affiliate links.

Users can build customised unique libraries of descriptions or use one of the templates we have out-of-the-box. We even work with your third-party tools like StreamYard.

One-click video descriptions? That's just one feature of TubeSpanner.

Study and take notes on your competitor's videos

Adding chapters has never been easier

TubeSpanner's notes and chapters tool makes it easy to capture notes in real-time while you watch shows.