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Write incredible video scripts in seconds

TubeSpanner's script AI learns your style and writes like you do.
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"TubeSpanner's script AI is a game changer. Writing scripts has never been easier" - Nick Nimmin

There is a good reason why TubeSpanner's script AI is a favourite of users. It's the original and best AI-powered script-writing tool available and the only tool which uses both AI and Machine Learning to understand the objectives and style of the user.

Choose from 'full AI' or select an AI template from a vast library of video formats and styles, and let TubeSpanner do the rest.

Here are just some of the incredible features of TubeSpanners Script AI.

  • Machine Learning AI that writes scripts for *you* and *your* personal goals and objectives in your style.
  • Script templates: Choose from various pre-built script templates like reviews, storytime videos and top lists to help get you started with your video.
  • AI-generated titles: Get help generating catchy and effective titles for your videos with the help of AI.
  • Keyword suggestions: Get suggestions for keywords to include in your video scripts to help with SEO and visibility.
  • Script editing: Use TubeSpanner Script AI to edit and fine-tune your video scripts to ensure they are engaging and effective.
  • Script length recommendations: Get suggestions for the ideal length of your video script based on your niche and audience.
  • Content analysis: Analyze the content of your script to ensure that it is engaging and informative for your viewers.
  • Call-to-action suggestions: Get help crafting effective calls-to-action to encourage your viewers to engage with your channel.
  • Script optimization: Optimize your video scripts for search engines and improve your chances of being discovered by new viewers.
  • Voiceover generation: Generate a voiceover script for your videos using TubeSpanner Script AI.

TubeSpanner will even make automated suggestions for your video production workflow.

Take your content to the next level with TubeSpanner's next-generation script-writing engine.


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