Video Scripts

This powerful tool allows you to create, edit and pre-section your script. 

Create a title, add a genre tag and script type and you are away!

Type your script into each section, and the tool will give you its word count and approximate video length. Are you a fast talker? No problem! Change the speed of the delivery and the tool will automatically recalculate how long it will take you.

Add more sections for each part of your video and your approximate length of video will be displayed.

You also have the ability to move sections around, making your call to action at the start or the middle of your thread. 

Also within script editor, is the ability to print your script, in a friendly, readable format ready for filming!

Start building your next video with a slick, well laid out script. Create a title and its genre, then start building what you want to say. Add different sections to make it easy to read and understand, set out what you want to say making editing a sinch! You can even set your reading pace to give you a timing estimate of how long your video will be!