Title Generator

Within Title Generator is a powerful creation tool. It allows you to create meaningful and accurate titles based upon your chosen topic and channel genre.

The generator allows you to create multiple suggested titles based upon some simple user-entered keywords and desired outcome.

  • From the page menu, select the type of title you would like to create, such as top 10’s, trending or clickbait.
  • Enter a topic.
  • Enter any further fields such as “Positive Outcome”, “Negative Outcome” and any other fields that are relevant to the type of title you would like to generate.
  • If relevant, the number of points, and you will be presented with 10 suggested titles covering all variants of the details you have entered.
  • The created titles will be automatically generated for you in the right hand table. 
  • If you are happy with your title, select “create” next to the entry. This will allow you to create a script with the chosen title. (see Creating a New Script for further steps).
  • If you would like some further examples, click the “Respin” button for some more choices.
  • Use the “Reset” button to reset the fields to their default status.