Create New Script

To create a new script, click the relevant link and you will be presented with the “Create Script page.

  • Enter the title for the script
  • Select a “Script Tag”. These are the predetermined categories in conjunction with YouTube.
  • Select the genre or type of video you are creating
  • Click into the “intro” text box and start creating the introduction portion of your script.
  • To add more sections to your script, select the “Add Section” button.
  • Select the “Element Type” you would like to add.
  • Enter the script material for that section in the “Element Content” field.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Continue to add sections to your script until you have your completed body of work.
  • If you would like to reorder and elements, you can do so by using the red arrows on the right hand side of the elements.
  • If required adjust the speed from the element specific dropdown at which you will read / talk in order for Tube Spanner to give you an estimated video length.
  • Click “Save”.